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Deliver Packages with Ojarh Logistic

With Ojarh Logistics you can move your packages to any area you wish. Sign up, and order for a delivery and in no time we will be there to pick it up and deliver.

About Ojarh Logistic

A system that serves everybody

OJARH Logistics is a fulfillment service that delivers packages especially for e-retailers and online platforms. OJARH Logistics has maintained reputation to providing first Class, cost effective and efficient logistics solutions to its customers. The services are tailored to meet our customers needs and satisfaction. . We also provide our special delivery services.

  • Pacel Delivery

    We provide delivery of parcels in different sizes and weight. We are partnered with several vendors to deliver your product at doorstep.

  • Food Delivery

    We are also partnered with many food vendors and so get your food ordered and delivered in shortest time frame.

  • Services

    With our service package you can quickly search for a service provider near you

  • City Manager

    Our city manager controls the whole activity of the delivery and is able to tell you where your product has landed

Amazing Experience

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Flexible working hours, weekly payments and insurance coverage

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Users love Ojarh as their delivery service

Our optimal satisfaction comes from satisfying our customer which in turn brings them back to us for more.

Easy to Use

Our App is so easy to use. We target best user experience

Fast & Secure

All our communication channels are fast and safe. easily navigating the route provide to deliver product

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Live Chat

Have a live chat with our customer support or the rider

Secure Data

Be rest assured your packages are in safe hands

Working Process

How it works?

It is all a simple process you can follow - easy pizzy.

Login Account

You will be required to register an account with us and then login to access your dashboard

You can register as customer or a driver if you area available to make extra cash by delivering the products.

These are all simple procedure to follow. However, we are available to answer you.

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Request / Accept Delivery

You can easily make a request to get your product delivered from any location we provide our services.

As a rider, you can as well accept request for delivery for whic all details of delivery will be provided and for every packages delivered you get paid.

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Get your package

Your package is delivered to your doorstep in proper time.

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Amazing visual interface

Quickly have an experience with our built application avaible on both IOS and Android.

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Available for all device

Our application is made available on all devices.